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GERMANY NAZI WANNABES HOMELAND-FAITHFUL GERMAN YOUTH BANNED for plotting racist activities that “threaten the German nation.” Homes of the leaders of the copycat group were raided and propaganda used in military-type children’s camps was exposed.

IRELAND IRA TERRORISTS SHATTER CEASE FIRE. Members torch and seize cars, storm police stations, and threaten to assassinate the leader of Catholic Sinn Fein who is cooperating with Protestants.

NORTH KOREA IT’S WAR, COMMIES tell Japan, if it dares shoot down communication missile in an attempt to stall the DPRK’s nuclear ambitions. Japan’s defense minister had ordered shooting down of the missile if it entered Japan’s air space.

DUBAI GANGSTER POLITICS—HIT MAN ASSASSINATES fugitive Sulim Yamadayev, outspoken opponent of Chechen President Kadyrov, Putin’s buddy. The canned commander of a Chechen security forces battalion, Yamadayev fled the country after his brother Ruslan was killed in Moscow in July 2008. UAE A DANGEROUS REFUGE. Former Chechen president Yandarbiyev was killed in Qatar in February 2004.


RUSHED ARREST OF ELEVEN TERROR SUSPECTS made when police feared that plotters might escape after chief anti-terrorism official left papers on planned attacks in plain sight. Scoop-chasing news agencies had photographed the documents.

IRAN PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, Ahmadinejad replied to Obama’s “open hands” and economic aid conditional offer. The strongman mocked the offer of a new start with a diatribe of Iran’s victimization at U.S. hands for the last century. WITHDRAW U.S. TROOPS from conflict zones, apologize for a litany of wrongs, quit condemning of our nuclear enrichment program, the self-described “one of the most beloved dignitaries in the world” demanded. U.S.-IRANIAN JOURNALIST sentenced to 8 years in the slammer for “spying” for U.S. 7000 CENTRIFUGES RUNNING, claims Ahmadinejad, who inaugurated a new nuclear facility.

UNITED STATES RUSSIAN, CHINESE CYBER SPIES have hacked into the U.S. electrical grid. Government and private computer networks were breached 37,000 times in 2007, compared with 24,000 break-ins in 2006, the Center for Strategic and International Studies reports. Defense and banking systems jeopardized, counterintelligence official Joel Brenner told students at Austin University. TRAITOROUS SAILOR, who endangered U.S. Navy personnel by leaking intelligence about ship locations and routes, sentenced to 10 years. TEA PARTIES attract 550,000 protestors in over 750 locations.

CHAD MERC GOES BERZERK, killing two fellow FFL troops and two locals.

MOLDOVA COUP D’ ETAT threatens Communist Party, which supposedly swept parliamentary elections.

SUDAN BASHIR DEFIANT! Indicted Sudanese president tours Africa and Middle East despite the ICC declaring him a wanted man. CONVOY TAKEN OUT by air forces of unknown country while carrying arms to Hamas.

YEMEN HELICOPTERS AND TANKS stormed the breakaway province of Ja’ar, arresting 45 militants. GAY AND ALCOHOL-INDULGING native “infidels” are being executed by extremist militants who oppose the unity government.

COLOMBIA MILITARY AND POLICE MOBILIZING for offensive against FARC and ELN terror group. DRUG LORD CAUGHT! Daniel Rendon had given gunmen $1,000 for each dead cop. HOSTAGE RELEASED by FARC after 11 years of captivity.

FIJI MILITARY GOVERNMENT CLAMPS DOWN: Journalists censored, judges sacked for declaring the government illegal, and the constitution collapsed to consolidate power. One paper was printed blank except for one page that said they could not write against the government.

UGANDA FOOD AID DELAYED as a result of pirate activity – Somalia and Kenya also affected.

SOMALIA BRAVO SEALS for rescuing Captain Phillips, taking out pirates. FOUR SHIPS SEIZED in the 24 hours following the rescue of an American hostage by Navy SEALs. AL-SHABAB ALLIES WITH PIRATES in the wake of the rescue – now declares them heroes. CONGRESSMAN ATTACKED by al-Shabab in retaliation for SEAL operation. SHARIA ENDORSED by Somali parliament. THE ULTIMATE OUTRAGE—NATO FORCES RESCUE

20 FISHERMEN then RELEASE HIJACKERS for lack of jurisdiction.

GEORGIA CANCEL NATO EXERCISE to be held in Georgia, Russia demands. OPPOSITION PROTESTS Moscow demand that President Saakashvili resign.

MAURITANIA MILITARY JUNTA LEADER resigns to run for president.

LIBYA QADDAFI MISCHIEF RESURFACES as he hosts Sudanese president, and supports Mauritanian junta.

SRI LANKA GOVERNMENT CEASE-FIRE issued to give civilians a chance to escape, but the Tamil Tigers use them as human shields.

INDIA MUMBAI ATTACK TRIAL begins, with terrorist claiming he was tortured.

PAKISTAN SHARIA IN SWAT! Government rolls over for the Pakistani Taliban, even after video of a woman being whipped for being in public alone hits the Internet. 20 KILLED in suicide attack on military checkpoint. DASTARDLY COWARDS SHOOT DOWN unarmed police recruits, kill 8, wound 100. U.S. OFFERS $5 MILLION FOR TERROR LEADER, who threatens more attacks in retribution for drone strikes.

AFGHANISTAN COMBAT IN SOUTH kills 67 militants. MARITAL LAW draws protests from women.

MEXICO GUN GRAB DISGUISED? U.S. TO BLAME for Mexico’s violence problems, Obama says, calling for a new gun ban despite the Heller case. GUN SEIZURE during arrest of 20-year-old woman includes belt-fed machine gun and dozens of AK-47 magazines. DEA RELEASED “Top Ten” list of wanted drug traffickers.

PHILIPPINES HOSTAGE WALKS FREE after being held for three months by Abu Sayyaf.

JAPAN SANCTIONS RENEWED on North Korea after rocket launch.

VENEZUELA OIL DEAL WITH CHICOMS? Hugo Chavez heads to China for three-day visit. HUGO AND MAHMOUD… Venezuelan dictator meets with Iranian President in Tehran for joint ventures.



TURKEY KURDISH CRACKDOWN! 40 detained as part of a sweep against PKK terrorist organization. 21 COUP PLOTTERS ARRESTED!

ZIMBABWE EVICTED FARMERS demand $20 billion in compensation. MUGABE BEHIND VIOLENCE? Mugabe aides are accused of abducting human-rights activists.