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Hi, great magazine, keep up the good work. I just called the office of my U.S. Representative (Kathy Dahlkemper, D-Pennsylvania) to give them an earful on some of the issues that are bothering me, one of which is your report in the Bulletin Board in the last issue that Obama did not attend the Salute to the Heroes Ball. The aide that I spoke with swore that she personally saw him attending the first ball on inauguration day, which she said she did not know the name of, but said it was all military. I assured her that my information came from a reliable source. I belong to three veterans’ organizations here and I plan to make sure everyone knows he skipped out on the Salute to Heroes Ball. Has there been a mistake about your report?


Bob Maranche


We contacted the American Legion, which sponsored the Salute to Heroes Ball honoring Medal of Honor recipients, and they confirmed his absence from that event. The inaugural ball he did attend was the Commander-in-Chief’s ball, a completely different function started in 2005 by President George W. Bush. – Ed.



The violent criminal actor (VCA) who murdered four police officers in Oakland, California, last Saturday had been incarcerated since 2002, but was recently released on parole. The sentencing report in the 2002 case that put him in prison described this VCA as a “...cold-hearted individual, who has no regard for human life,” and went on to insist that his permanently residing in prison was the “only way to rein in this man’s proclivity for violence.”


Now there’s a real recommendation for parole! That report was surely available to the parole board that let him out. Perhaps, between shrieking for the end to the private ownership of guns in America and the need for higher taxes, the media might find the time to ask why such remorseless, violent, unstable sociopaths are paroled in California!


.... and this is the system that “protects” us?


John Farnam

Yes, it does seem to be a systemic failure. It should be noted that California has passed onerous gun laws, including massive bans on semi-auto rifles, magazines that hold ten or more rounds, and handguns that people with lower incomes can afford – and that did not save those four cops. Unfortunately, because certain politicians cannot go for the notion of locking criminals up – or admitting that the parole system is inadequate for people like that career criminal, they have to find a scapegoat to punish, so they can claim they are doing something about the matter. Their scapegoat, of course, is the Second Amendment. – Ed.



Heard it was coming but didn’t believe it. Tonight while watching TV I learned that the Pentagon has dropped “war on terrorism” for the more chic “overseas contingency operations.” So too our Dept. of Homeland Security no longer tolerates use of “terror, terrorist, terrorism” words, but now uses “man made disasters” to cover this genre.


I can’t believe Roosevelt didn’t prefer terms like “Far East Enterprises” or “Alternative European Options” during World War II. The herd madness leaves me wondering whether I’ve had too much gin… or need a lot more. Can this be happening in our lifetime?




If there is anything else that shows just how un-serious the Obama administration is about protecting the United States, we have yet to see it. Did he actually agree with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright that 9/11 was a matter of America’s chickens coming home to roost? One has to wonder these days. – Ed.



This country is currently facing an utter disgrace and a definitive threat to our sovereignty, national security, and all of the people of this country with the on-going mess on the US/Mexico border. Now is the time to do something really serious. This is more than an issue; it’s a long-standing ongoing disaster. The US/Mexico border needs to be declared a disaster area and the fact of the issue is when you have a radical problem you need a radical solution. The United States needs to create a “southern tier territorial defense force,” a territorial army if you will, which also has full, legally sanctioned police and arrest authority.


The Border Patrol, while they are all good men, is an obsolete remnant of the cowboy era. We need a true 21st century force here. This force needs to be a highly mobile light infantry force with a strength of between 50,000 and 100,000 personnel. It should be headquartered in a nearby southwest city in Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, and not be administered out of the Pentagon and Washington, DC. It should further have a ground and air arm using off-the-shelf vehicles and aircraft (both fixed and rotary wing).


The federal government must assume one of its few specifically enumerated constitutional duties—protecting the people of this country. Currently, when it comes to the border we have the overwhelmed Border Patrol, totally overburdened rural sheriff departments and state patrols, and even private citizens.


This new force is affordable and it must be done for all our salvation.




Author Nelson Rand, author of the Cambodia story in the June issue, sends us the following update about the situation on the ground:


Heavy fighting broke out between Thai and Cambodian soldiers at the ancient temple of Preah Vihear on 3 April after months of relative calm. Three Thai soldiers were killed and 12 wounded in clashes around the disputed temple, which both sides blamed the other for triggering. Cambodia insisted its troops repelled a Thai incursion into its territory, while Thailand denied any intrusion and said its soldiers went into a disputed area to investigate a landmine explosion the day before, which seriously wounded a Thai soldier. The fighting came two days after Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen issued a stern warning to Thailand that his troops would open fire on any soldiers entering its territory. Cambodian and Thai troops exchanged fire with assault rifles and shoulder-fired antitank rocket launchers [RPGs] at several different locations around the temple, which is on the Cambodian side of an ill-defined border that has been a source of conflict between the two countries for decades. Hun Sen said his troops suffered no casualties, “not even a scratch.” It was the first exchange of fire between the two sides since 15 October, 2008, when one Thai and three Cambodian soldiers were killed.


Nelson Rand



I received word late yesterday afternoon [8 April, 2009] that Jack Weaver has passed away. I have no other details.


As you all know, Jeff Cooper described Jack as the man who “taught us all to shoot” when he beat all comers at the Leatherslap two years in a row. Jack’s shooting technique, using isometric tension in two hands to stabilize the pistol, would become forever famous as the Weaver Stance when Cooper included it as a cornerstone in the Modern Technique of the Pistol.


We lament Jack’s passing, as the giants are leaving us at a fearsome rate, and very few remain.


Diligentia Vis Celeritas


Ed Head

Operations Manager, Gunsite