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SOMALIA ISLAMIC EXTREMIST AL-SHEBAB SAVAGES BEHEAD two wounded sheikhs who had been injured by stray bullets during Al-Shebab rebel clash with Ahlu-sunah Wal-jamea warriors. More than 16,000 civilians

have been killed since 2007 and more than a million have fled, with a third of the population depending on food aid, the Sudan Tribunal reports. CHAOS REIGNS as four UN aid workers are kidnapped. ISLAMIC MILITIA MEMBERS attack African Union forces.


IRAQ IRANIAN DRONE DOWNED by Coalition fighter. JALAL TALABANI FED UP, will not run for second term as President of Iraq.


AFGHANISTAN INSURGENCY SPEWS PROPAGANDA, falsifying figures of civilian casualties, as Coalition troops bag insurgents. ROADSIDE BOMB KILLS Afghan lawmaker. MORE TROOPS NEEDED as elections approach, NATO warns.


COLOMBIA DRUG COUNTRY ON “RIGHT TRACK” according to SOUTHCOM commander, while at the same time he warns that Hezbollah is in country, making bucks off the cocaine trade.


VENEZUELA CHAVEZ THREATENS COLOMBIA with military force if cross-border raids in pursuit of rebels continue. FARMER ASSASSINATIONS OF RURAL ORGANIZERS total 400 since dictator passed land reform in 2001. Paramilitary farmers eliminate Hugo’s minions.


EL SALVADOR MARXIST FMLN LEADER WINS ELECTION! Maurico Funes, former CNN Espanõl anchor, chosen as new president.


PHILIPPINES ASSASSINS FREED! Ten soldiers convicted in 1983 assassination of Benigno Aquino are released. SPRATLY ISLANDS DISPUTE REHEATS as rivals Philippines, China, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan all lay claim to disputed islands. ABU SAYYAF THREATENS to behead Red Cross hostage if military doesn’t back off.


FRANCE STRIKES ACROSS COUNTRY lead to paralysis as economic crisis cripples nation. PARLIAMENT BEEFS UP country’s role in NATO.


ZIMBABWE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT AGAINST PM Tsvangirai kills his wife? Tsvangirai, target of previous assassination attempts, denies foul play. CHOLERA EPIDEMIC reaches its eighth month with death toll now over 4,000.


MEXICO $2 MILLION BOUNTY offered for information leading to arrest of two dozen war lords. SINALOA CARTEL BIGWIG, chief of most powerful Gulf cartel, nabbed by Mexican government! NORTHCOM sends aid to Mexico as Obama Administration considers troop deployment to U.S. border. DRUG GANGS AND GRENADES escalate drug war. Military-grade grenade launchers, armor-piercing munitions and antitank rockets in traffickers’ arsenals transform the street gang wars.


MADAGASCAR MILITARY COUP TOPPLES PRESIDENT. Opposition leader Andry Rajoelina takes charge, dismissing parliament. Western and African countries, troubled over this third coup in recent months in Africa, reject the new government’s legitimacy. CIVIL WAR IMMINENT, warns U.S. ambassador.


KENYA QUIT OR BE FIRED, President tells disgruntled ministers.


NIGERIA CHRISTIANS GUNNED DOWN, homes and churches burned in three-day Muslim rampage,  Christian news agency reports.


CONGO UGANDA WITHDRAWS TROOPS in spite of shaky security in country after concluding a three-month hunt for the LRA, in which they killed 150 rebels and rescued 200 kidnapping victims.


UGANDA LRA COMMANDER WHACKED! Raid into Southern Sudan takes out Okello Yape. BACK TO THE

TABLE: LRA returns to the peace process.


PAKISTAN BLOODY AMBUSH on Sri Lanka cricket team triggers U.K. diplomat to warn that ISLAMIC RADICALS POSE “MORTAL THREAT” to Pakistan stability.”


INDIA MUMBAI LASHKAR-ETAIBA PLOTTERS HAD BIG SCHEMES. The plotters behind the Mumbai attack, which left more than 170 people dead, had placed India’s financial capital on a list of 320 worldwide locations as potential targets for commando-style terror strikes, the Guardian has learned


RWANDA COURT TO DECIDE fate of Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda, arrested while crossing the border from Congo to Rwanda.


UNITED KINGDOM ARMY BASE DEADLY ATTACK by IRA members that killed two soldiers and injured four rattles the Northern Ireland peace process.


CANADA Unlike the drones currently patrolling the Afghan skies, CANADA’S NEXT GENERATION OF PILOTLESS AIRCRAFT will carry bombs or guided missiles, says Canada’s top air force commander.


NORTH KOREA REGIME SEIZES TWO U.S. JOURNALISTS reporting on the situation at the Tumen River. MISSILETEST draws ire of Japan, which contemplates downing the rocket. COMBAT READY!! Military ordered on alert in case a territorial intrusion occurs when U.S.–S. Korea conduct their annual war games. 50,000 S. Korean and 26,000 U.S. troops prepare in the event South Korea comes under attack.


CHINA CHICOMS HARASS U.S. NAVY VESSEL. Five Chinese ships surround unarmed Navy mapping ship in international waters. Navy fired back with fire hoses, but Chinese crew stripped to underwear and continued their rush on the ship.


GREECE EXPLOSION OUTSIDE CITIBANK is part of violent riots that have broken out since police shot teenager in December.


NIGER FOUR EUROPEAN TOURISTS HOSTAGES’ photos surface, courtesy of al Qaeda operatives.


UNITED STATES COURT AWARDS ARIZONA RANCH INTRUDERS $73,000. Rancher held civilly liable for assault and “emotional distress” on four illegal immigrant female intruders when he detained them on his property at gunpoint. 230 U.S. cities have been impacted by drug trade network. HOMELAND SECURITY considering sending National Guard to border.