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Since Eric Holder announced his desire for more gun control laws, three Democratic senators—Mark Begich of Alaska, and Max Baucas and John Teeter of Montana—have all written him, urging himto drop his push for a new assault-weapons ban. Seems that they remember what happened after the last such ban was passed. If the Senate Republicans hold firm, this would provide 44 votes against a new gun ban—enough to sustain a filibuster.


Shortly after those Senate Democrats stood up for law-abiding gun owners, 65 House Democrats followed up with a letter of their own to Obama’s Attorney General, also expressing opposition to any effort to pass a new semi-auto ban. Should the entire House GOP caucus hold firm, it would be enough to defeat any semiauto ban outright in a vote. In order to keep that gun ban from happening, JOIN THE NRA, AND SUPPORT NRA–ILA!



On another front of good news: citing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, the Supreme Court has refused to hear the cases on New York vs. Beretta and Lawson vs. Beretta. This decision has definitively shut down the lawsuits filed by New York City, Washington, D.C., and other crime-ridden big cities that sought to bankrupt American gun manufacturers unless they agreed to the anti-gunners’ agenda.



The ChiComs recently harassed a pair of U.S. Navy sonar surveillance vessels—USNS Impeccable and USNS Victorious. This is most distressing, as both vessels were in international waters while they were conducting routine operations. That said, given the ChiCom history of less-than-responsible navigation in international airspace and waters, why were unarmed vessels sent? It is doubtful that the ChiComs would have even contemplated the notion of harassing an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer or a Los Angeles, Seawolf, or Virginia-class submarine.



As we go to press, Congress is debating an omnibus spending bill that includes $7.7 billion in earmarks that politicians have inserted for various and sundry pork-barrel projects. To put that dollar figure in perspective, think of it this way: For that money, they could buy 240 F-15Es—enough to more than double the present inventory held by the United States Air Force. In a time of war, you would think getting the troops more gear instead of funding projects like “swine odor and manure management” would be a no-brainer for the folks in Washington. Guess not.



The Air Force is now giving its C-130H cargo planes a thorough going over after Air Force mechanics discovered that some of the barrel nuts on one C-130H were cracking. Of course, considering that C-130Hs were introduced in 1974, and the oldest of these birds have been pushing 35 years of constant service, wear and tear are expected. Perhaps a huge buy of C-130Js is in order.



It seems that no proud moment in American history is safe from political correctness these days. According to CNSNews.com, an anonymous complaint by a “new employee” resulted in the removal of a copy of the Indianapolis Times that had the headline “JAPS SURRENDER” from being displayed at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis. Among those trying to reverse this episode, one of many in the attempt to whitewash history, are Don Myers (a two-time Silver Star recipient) and Bud Albright. As we go to press, e-mail inquiries to both men have received no response.



Remember that $780 billion spent on the stimulus. Obama suggested making veterans’ private insurance pay for their health care. The amount that would have been gained by this was all a mere $540million, a drop in the bucket in the scope of thing. After a significant outcry by veterans groups, among them the American Legion, Obama has backed off.



As we go to press, it looks at if the Obama Administration is planning to cut as many as six to eight major weapons systems. One has to wonder—if the government can afford to give out billion of dollars worth of

loans to AIG, why can’t they fully fund new gear for the troops, including more F-22s and Zumwalt-class destroyers?


And while the politicians promise it won’t affect our security, we cannot help but note that Russia has recently announced that they are going to re-arm.



During congressional testimony, the Commander of United States Southern Command, Admiral James G.

Stavridis, outlined the progress that SOUTHCOM has made in Latin America. Among the accomplishments:


• Helping stop 230 tons of drugs from reaching the United States

• The safe return of three defense contractors held by FARC for five and a half years

• Two Continuing Promise missions


Stavridis warned, however, that Iran is allying with drug cartels and left-wing governments like Chavez’s




JournalistMark Danner, in an article published in the New York Review of Books, reports that the International Committee of the Red Cross concluded in early 2007 that many detainees held in the CIA program were subject to treatment that constituted torture, and many elements of the treatment constituted cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Danner’s source is a leaked copy of the ICRC report that was forwarded to the CIA in February 2007. This allegation by the organization that is charged with monitoring worldwide compliance with the Geneva Conventions flies in the face of frequent and persistent denials by President George Bush and others that such treatment, which included water boarding, extremes of heat and cold, food and sleep deprivation, and physical and psychological abuse, constituted torture. Will there be any political or legal accountability for these alleged violations of international law?



The NRA Board elections are going on. Steve Schreiner was recently elected to fill a vacancy and is running for a full term in his own right. As we go to press, we urge you to vote for Steve Schreiner, Scott Bach, Joseph DeBergalis, John Sigler, Robert Sanders, Manuel Fernandez, David Keene, Owen Mills, Edie Fleeman, Wayne Anthony Ross, Don Saba, Ronald Schmeits and Robert Viden.