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PAKISTAN LOOSE LIPS FEINSTEIN reveals positioning of CIA Predators that carry out strikes against al Qaeda leadership. AT RISK are successful strikes like one in South Waziristan that killed 20 suspected militants. UN OFFICIAL KIDNAPPED by Baluchistan Liberation United Front, which demands the release of 141 women allegedly held by Pakistani authorities. DR. NUKE, A.Q. KHAN FREED by Pakistan, which assures that he will be no threat.


NIGER UN CANADIAN ENVOY KIDNAPPED in December by The Front for Forces of Redress, a Tuareg nomad rebel group based in the Sahara Desert, officials confirm.


UGANDA U.S.-SUPPORTED ATTACK ON LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY hiding in a Congolese national park fails dismally, NYT reported. Fleeing rebel savages massacred up to 900 civilians by hacking, burning, shooting and clubbing them to death. 17 U.S. advisers with the Pentagon’s new Africa Command provided satellite phones,  intelligence and $1 million in fuel to Ugandans. U.S. forces were not involved.


IRAN DISSIDENTS MASSACRED! Ayatollah Khameni ordered the crackdown, and “moderate” Khatami helped cover it up. CLINTON-ERA SECDEF talking with murderous regime – is the 21st Century Munich coming? SATELLITE LAUNCHED – raising concerns about Iran’s missile capabilities. What is Farsi for “Sputnik”?


VENEZUELA TEN YEARS OF CHAVEZ! CASTRO WANNABE dictator celebrates ten years of rule, wins no term limit rule.


CUBA FLOOD OF VISITS. Raul Castro meets with Russian President Medvedev and Chilean President Bachelot.


IRAQ BLACKWATER BOOTED! American contractor’s license not renewed due to fallout from firefights in which Iraqi civilians were killed. State Department will not renew the company’s contract, either.


NORTH KOREA MISSILE TEST COMING! North Korean regime prepares to test missile that could hit the United States, sending tensions through the roof.


SOUTH AFRICA SCORPIONS DISBANDED to protect corrupt ANC politicians. Members will be folded into the regular South African police.


CONGO AIR STRIKE! Joint Congolese–Rwandan mission takes out 40 Hutu rebels held responsible for the 1994 genocide that killed hundreds of thousands of Tutsis.


YEMEN NEW AL QAEDA #2 in country is a former detainee from Guantanamo Bay, according to a video released by the terrorist organization. SAID ALI AL-SHIHRI is also suspected of playing a role in the September 2008 attack on the American embassy in Yemen.


COLOMBIA FARC BLOWS BRIDGE in Guaviare province, cutting off road transportation to the provincial capital. TWO BOMB ATTACKS wound seven in Bogota. WANNA TRADE? FARC offers swap of two dozen hostages in exchange for hundreds of prisoners.


MALI CIVIL WAR RAGES between government and Tuareg rebels, despite attempts by the Algerians to mediate.


SRI LANKA CLOSING IN FOR THE KILL. Sri Lankan government captures key naval base belonging to Tamil Tigers. LAST GASPS? Female murder–suicide bomber kills 28.


MEXICO SEVEN TONS OF COCAINE intercepted in Pacific by U.S. Coast Guard and Mexican Navy. The five unfortunate Mexican drug traffickers were escorted home to face the piper. DRUG VIOLENCE continues to rock America’s southern neighbor, claiming over 5,300 lives. 1,600 of those are killed in Ciudad Juarez, across the Rio Grande from El Paso.


ISRAEL ELECTION CONFUSION as Likud’s coalition wins majority of seats, with Kadima remaining as the largest party in the Knesset. RELEASE CAPTURED SOLDIER, Israel tells Hamas.


SOMALIA NEW PM SELECTED by National Unity government meeting in Djibouti. CAPTURED PIRATES’

CAUSE is taken up by Human Rights Watch. Group questions the decision to try the suspects in Kenya. And the victims of the pirates – who speaks for them?


AFGHANISTAN TALIBAN MILITANTS STORM GOVT BUILDINGS, killing 20. Murderous attack was retribution for alleged mistreatment of Taliban prisoners. WHERE HAVE ALL THE WEAPONS GONE? The GAO reports that DOD cannot account for 36 percent—87,000 of 242,000 weapons, including assault rifles, machine guns, and shoulder-fired antitank rocket launchers (RPGs) supplied from 2004–2008.


USA SATELLITE COLLISION OVER SIBERIA demonstrates threat of space debris, says NASA. Among orbiting objects at risk: the International Space Station.


INDIA PAYBACK TIME, HAND THEM OVER, India tells Pakistan after Pakis admit that the Mumbai attack was hatched in Pakistan.


BELARUS JOINT RUSSIAN INTEGRATED AIR-DEFENSE system proposes five Air Force units, 10 anti-aircraft units, five technical service and support units and one electronic warfare (EW) unit, Russian News Agency reports. Partnership sped up in reaction to U.S. missile defense elements in Poland and the Czech Republic.


POLAND VIDEOTAPED DECAPITATION shows Polish engineer appealing to his government to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before his beheading. $290,000 BOUNTY OFFERED for information on murderers of the victim.


ZIMBABWE MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE (MDC) LEADER Tsvangirai sworn in as prime minister. SAME OLD, SAME OLD as MDC treasurer Roy Bennett, a white farmer evicted by Mugabe’s thugs, is arrested on dubious entrance/exit and weapons charges. LAND GRABBING continues as Mugabe’s thugs try to drive off the last of the white farmers. REMOVE 12 ZEROES, central bank says, as inflation continues, driving Zimbabweans to U.S. dollars.


RUSSIA MEDVEDEV CREATES an anti-terrorism and drug trafficking rapid reaction force as military wing of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).


KYRGYZSTAN U.S. MILITARY EVICTION RUMORED. Russia offers $2.15 billion in loans (a bribe to close Manas Air Base?). Manas houses the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing, is the premier air mobility hub for the International Security Assistance Force and Coalition military operations in Afghanistan. 1000 Coalition troops and 650 contractors conduct aerial refueling, combat airlift and airdrop, aeromedical evacuation and strategic airlift ops, and transport personnel and cargo into and out of Afghanistan. Aircraft stationed on Manas include U.S. KC-135s, Spanish C-130s and French C135FRs.


TIBET UPRISING IMMINENT in “very tense” atmosphere, warns Dalai Lama. 81 arrested before Serf Emancipation Day, memorial day declared in remembrance of the CHICOM crushing of the Tibet independence uprising in 1959.


CHINA DEATH PENALTY STAYS, and ethnic minorities have human rights, CHICOMS tell UN. U.S. is mum on demanding abolition of death penalty and has lost the high ground as human rights model since 9-11 and Guantanamo prisoner treatment.