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I have been a subscriber for many years and believe that SOF is one of the few places where the truth is spoken and facts are laid on the table. Please don’t change. The following is something that I have been thinking about for some time and crystallized in my mind last night.


I am always appalled at the assertion that I derive my rights to a weapon from the Second Amendment. Some may think that is where their rights come from, but mine came with me at my birth and I don’t intend to relinquish them. At that time, I was endowed by God with the right and ability to defend and protect myself from all intruders.


The right doesn’t state what the protection is to be. It could be the law, it could be my fists, it could be my legs or it could be a weapon in my hand. The ability to protect oneself is the First Amendment to the Ten Commandments and what was written in the Constitution was the SECONDing of that amendment. For anyone to ignore or forget that is to believe we are endowed with nothing as our birthright. It is a right given to all of us irrespective of where we were born or to whom.


Cheers from the Crik,

Tom Keenan


This is exactly what people like Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama do not seem to get. Even the Heller decision seems to have eluded them. Ah, well, we’re gonna have our hands full. – Ed.



I was wondering, will there be any updates available on survivors of the war in Angola, i.e., Gary Ackers, Gustavo Grillo, and possibly any others who are still alive who can speak on that? Also, what became of the humanitarian mission led by AFIO member Chip Beck looking for the location of George W. Bacon III’s burial site on behalf of Bacon’s parents back in 1998?


Thanks very much for your time.

Ara Thompson


To the best of our knowledge, Gary Ackers passed away some years ago. We have not heard anything about Grillo nor about Beck, as a phone call to his residence resulted in the following response: “He’s traveling.” RKB



I would like to thank Col. Brown for his input on NRA’s Board of Directors. As a life member and a retired law enforcement officer, I pay close attention to this election and value his advice. We need to keep a careful watch on the new administration in DC.


Donnie Daniels

(retired USBP/USC)


You’re more than welcome. Steve Schreiner is running for a full term on the NRA Board of Directors in his own right. Make sure to vote for him! In case you think I never let up on Schreiner’s candidacy, you got it. I have known Steve for decades, and I know no one who would better serve our readers as a zealot for the 2nd Amendment and gun rights since he has devoted most of his life defending those rights through his activism and enthusiasm.– Ed.



Each time I hear of presidents and others taking office, I cringe at the term “transfer of power” and think that the phrase should be “transfer of responsibility.” Perhaps that might instill in elected and appointed officials and Americans the “responsibility” placed on the individuals and parties involved in the conduct of our nation’s business.


Larry Nolan



That is an excellent concept that anyone holding that office ought to keep in mind. – Ed.