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Border Agents Complete Customs Course

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendBASRAH — Ten Department of Border Enforcement trainers graduated from a Customs and Immigration Trainer Course at the Basrah International Airport here, March 18. Completion of  the three-week course is another milestone achievement for the Department of Border Enforcement (DBE) and their Coalition Border Transition Teams as they work together to enhance the capabilities of the DBE and secure the borders of Iraq. “The instructors have been very [well] trained over the past few weeks, training and improving,” said DBE Col. Talal Ali Hussein, the dean of the Basra Joint Training Center, through a translator. The course participants are the DBE instructors that work at the Joint Training Center at Shaibah, which has trained both the Iraqi Police and the DBE for the southern region of Iraq with a combined average enrollment of 1,500. The course is designed to improve the trainer’s existing skills and enhance their abilities through participation in classes that incorporate hands-on practical sessions so they can effectively teach the subjects, said Wilfred Rodriguez, a U.S. civilian border enforcement advisor and the primary instructor for the Customs and Immigration Course. The course prepared the instructors to produce professional and skilled DBE officers. They learned about everything from person and baggage searches to identifying behavioral traits associated with illegal activity at ports of entree. “They now have the foundation in customs and immigration of any good customs officers in the U.S. or the world,” said Rodriguez. The graduating instructors will train DBE members from all over the region, who will be coming to the Basrah JTC to learn the skills necessary for securing borders and preventing smuggling into Iraq. “The class was very informative and I look forward to having more classes in the future,” said DBE Warrant Officer Adnon Gabba, a graduate of the customs course and instructor at the Basrah JTC.