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PAKISTAN CIVIL WAR IMMINENT? U.S. Joint Forces Command warns that a “rapid and sudden collapse” would bring a “violent and bloody” war. 40 TALIBAN, 6 PAKI TROOPS SLAUGHTERED as 600 Taliban storm the Frontier Corps fort across the Afghan border. KHYBER JOINT INTEL CENTER designed for U.S., Afghan and Paki intel sharing using sophisticated technology to track Taliban movements falters due to language barriers and lack of trained staff. (Washington Post) U.S. consulate stormed in anti-Israel rally. U.S. MISSILE STRIKE takes out Taliban bigwig.


TURKEY 100 SECULARIST COUP PLOTTERS who threaten the Islamic government arrested. PKK BASES in Iraq hit.


SOMALIA PIRATES SCORE TWO MILLION RANSOM from Saudis. CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU. Five of the crooks took their final big swim when their boat capsized. One dead pirate carrying $150,000 washed ashore. AL SHABAAB MILITIA DEFEATED by moderate militia in firefight that left 30 dead, 50 wounded. ETHIOPIAN TROOPS WITHDRAW, leaving nation in conflict.


COLOMBIA FARC TAKES DOWN unmanned spy plane searching for location of six hostages. 13,525 MURDERS reported in 2008. URIBE UPS THE ANTE, offering up to 2.2 million for the capture of FARC kingpins. SHADOWY ALLIES—NSA declassified documents reveal that U.S. officials knew that U.S.-supported Colombian military carried out extrajudicial killings and collaborated with paramilitaries as far back as 1994.


EQUADOR EMERGENCY PLAN to fight illegal militias on Colombian border launched.


PANAMA DRUG TRAFFICKING OVERFLOW from Colombia and Mexico escalates crime.


VENEZUELA CHAVEZ EXPELS ISRAELI DIPLOMATS in protest of Gaza attack, Israel reciprocates.


MEXICO ON VERGE OF COLLAPSE? U.S. Joint Forces Command warns that the entire security and judicial system are teetering on the edge. Former U.S. drug czar General Barry McCaffrey further cautions that millions of Mexicans could overrun the U.S. borders. U.S. MILITARY ACTION would be necessary, according to both intel sources.


UNITED STATES MAUI SPY, B-2 STEALTH BOMBER ENGINEER, admits to helping China build a stealth cruise missile with U.S. military secrets. U.S. ARMY INTEL CAUTIONS U.S.: Prepare for violence as poverty and homelessness skyrocket with impending economic collapse. IMF ECHOES THE WARNING that if global economy continues its landslide, hostility will be pervasive. DOD has plans to deploy 20,000 troops nationwide by 2011 to quash civil unrest.


GLOBALLY FREEDOM OF THE PRESS VIOLENTLY SUPPRESSED in 2008—61 journalists were killed, nearly 673 arrested, 929 attacked, other incidents went unreported to Reporters Without Borders. Although numbers increased from 2007, censorship of news, including internet sources, decreased. But that censorship does not differ much from Wal-Mart’s censorship of SOF in spite of unprecedented sales.


RUSSIA GAS WAR!! Russia and Ukraine have standoff over gas shipments that takes three weeks to resolve.


NIGERIA MILITANTS THREATEN NEW ATTACKS after troops killed gang leader, threatening four-month ceasefire.


SUDAN AIRCRAFT ATTACK DARFUR, targeting rebel positions in troubled region.


SRI LANKA TIGERS ON THE ROPES? Sri Lankan military offensive takes the Jaffna peninsula, once a stronghold of the Tamil Tigers.


IRAQ IRAQI GOVERNMENT TAKES LEAD in operations in the International Zone. CHEMICAL WEAPONS TREATY signed by new Iraqi government. STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT takes effect.


MAURITANIA CHICOMS TO EXPAND PORT to the tune of $250 million despite international sanctions against country due to military coup.


AFGHANISTAN HUMAN SHIELDS TRIGGER new NATO rules of engagement, as the cowardly tactic impedes missions.


DENMARK FREED AT LAST!! Pirates release Danish ship and crew, mainly Russians, off Gulf of Aden after two months of captivity. Undisclosed ransom—one to two million is the going price—was dropped by helicopter to awaiting bandits.


ZIMBABWE GOVERNMENT ACCUSED of torturing MDC activists as hoodlum Mugabe tries to hold on to power. CENTRAL BANK issues $50 billion notes as inflation keeps climbing.


IRAN FOUR COUP PLOTTERS ARRESTED and tried. CYBER WAR DECLARED against Israeli websites with prizes offered for the most outrageous attacks. Plan backfired when Shia hackers preferred Sunni websites, strategypage.com reports. BUSH, rejecting Israel’s plea to help attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, launched a U.S. covert action to sabotage sites, NYT reports.


THAILAND POLITICAL CHAOS CONTINUES as new PM is forced to change venue, weakening his power to rule. ISLAMIC INSURGENCY reaches five-year anniversary despite Thai Army’s troop surge and tactics.


CONGO SEX OFFENDERS OR PEACEKEEPERS? UN documents over 217 allegations of sexual abuse. ATTACK BY LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY (LRA) jeopardizes humanitarian aid. “THE TERMINATOR,” Tutsi killer of over 150 unarmed boys in a one-day massacre and wanted by the International Criminal Court, stages coup against the leader of his Congolese rebel group, CNDP.


GUINEA MILITARY COUP TRIUMPHS. Junta named National Council for Democracy and Development fills power vacuum after President’s death, followed by sanctions from African Union.


BURMA NINE DEMOCRACY ACTIVISTS arrested five days after the UN condemns the Burmese human rights situation.


UGANDA LRA’S DEMANDS REJECTED. JOINT offensive by Ugandan, Congolese, and Sudanese forces targets LRA bases in the Congo.


CHINA DARFUR ICC PROSECUTION CONSIDERED after China, not known for its human rights, shielded the genocidal Sudanese with its Security Council veto. MONEY IS THICKER THAN NATIONALISM. In spite of saber rattling toward Taiwan, Chicom Navy protects Taiwanese ships from pirates off coast of Somalia.




INDIA MUMBAI ATTACKERS CONFIRMED to be Pakis, government officials claim. The sole terrorist apprehended alive is Paki, and communications and training emanated from Pakistan.