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When I came home from Vietnam, I was looking for someone to blame for not allowing us to win the war like we could have easily done, as it sure wasn’t the 18–21 year old soldiers’ fault by any means!

I was from Peoria, Illinois at that time (October 1968), and I called my local Congressman, Bob Michel, and asked him to send me a list of all of our congressmen with their political party listed too.

It turned out to be a 60–40 margin for the Democrats, so then I could easily figure out who was responsible for the stupid tactics and strategy for fighting the Vietnam War. The tactics and strategy were very simple and ineffective: fight with one hand tied behind your back and win the battle and not the war! How stupid can one get! Unbelievable but true!

The Democrats had the presidency (LBJ until January 1969), 60/40 Congress and the media (80 percent +), so go figure—who was responsible for that crazy Asian war and those terrible losing tactics?! I’ve been a proud conservative every since!

Tom Foster

Ain’t that the truth! – Ed.


Your articles on southern Africa in SOF, Feb. '09, struck a nerve. In the late '80s and early '90s I spent a couple of years in Namibia, Republic of South Africa (RSA), Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, and Botswana.

In that time I made the acquaintance of former Namibian Koevoets and 101 Bats, Rhodie RLIs, Grey's Scouts, Selous Scouts, RSA Recces, and UNITA troopies. Also met and befriended former FAA pilots, (Angola), good men all. They were soldiers doing their best for the cause they believed in. What I find objectionable is that the patron states used these good people to their benefit and when things went south, abandoned them and left them to rot.

If I had one wish, it would be that the politicos and embassy staffs of the warring and patron states be forced to walk through a mine field, and anyone who hesitated or broke to the rear be gunned down by the soldiers of both sides who fought for their respective causes.

Hod Coburn

The politicians who create the messes never seem pay a price for their mistakes – and all too often, those rare ones who do make an effort to fix the mistakes take the heat. – Ed.