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MEXICO DRUG GANGSTERS EXTORT school teachers with threats of hurting family members and burning businesses in Juarez. 1400 die in one month. 150,000 soldiers have deserted since 2000. U.S. ANTI-KIDNAPPING EXPERT seized after lecture on how to avoid being kidnapped.


VENEZUELA “ALO PRESIDENTE,” Chavez’ show, airs every week. LONGWINDED bully competes with his hero, Castro, by blowing hot air for up to SEVEN hours. CARACAS is No. 1 murder capital of South America. Killings skyrocketed from 4,550 in 1998 (Chavez elected) to 13,156 in 2007.


PERU SHINING PATH GUERILLAS, heavily involved in drugs and armed with assault rifles, attacked and killed five policemen and blew up police stations and army trucks.


UNITED STATES AL-QAEDA BOSS al-Zawahiri warns President-Elect Obama of a jihad resurgence. SOMALI YOUTH DISAPPEARING from Minnesota, Canada and Europe suspected of joining jihad training camps in Somalia. “DIRECT FORCE” AGAINST IRAN cannot be ruled out, Congressional commission tells Obama. PRESIDENT OF ALAVI FOUNDATION arrested for cover up of money-funneling to Iran for nukes.


IRAQ NPR REPORTING TEAM BECOMES TARGET of “sticky bomb” attack on their BMW. An Iraqi ally warned the reporters just moments before the car exploded. 110 bombings carried out in Baghdad in November, killing 148 Iraqi civilians and 22 police officers and soldiers, NPR reports.


ISRAEL “ NEO-NAZIS” CONVICTED. ELI THE NAZI and seven other gang members of Jewish descent from the former Soviet Union defaced synagogues and planned bombings.


ESTONIA DEFENSE MINISTRY OFFICIAL MOLE, who gave U.S. missile defense secrets to Russia, is most serious NATO espionage case since the collapse of the USSR.


MOROCCO FIFTY ABDELFETTAH RAYDI cell members sentenced to a combined total of 260 years in prison. Cell organizer Raydi attacked targets in Casablanca in 2003, killed himself in internet café suicide bombing in 2007. TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP plans and plots to fund terrorism through bank robberies thwarted by security police. 2004 MADRID BOMBER sentenced to 20 years.


FRANCE DUD EXPLOSIVES found in toilet of large Paris department store. BASQUE MILITANTS arrested for attacking airports and murdering two Spanish police officers in the south of France. THREE TERRORIST RECRUITERS sentenced. SUSPECTED ASSASSIN captured trying to enter Presidential grounds.


ITALY TWO TERROR SUSPECTS arrested for plans to blow up civilian and military targets in Milan.


UK THOUSANDS OF TRAINED EXTREMISTS, OPERATING in 200 terror cells in the UK, plan to target airports, train stations, Parliament and Buckingham Palace. TERROR DOCTOR SENTENCED to 32 years for three bungled plots to kill masses by blowing up the Glasgow airport, a nightclub, and a bus station in 2007. His incompetent partner in crime died of burns from the faulty explosions. POLICE STATE? MP arrested for exposing dirt on PM Brown.


BELGIUM POLICE RAID ON 16 TERRORIST staging sites nets data storage computers after terror plot on meeting of EU officials was thwarted. 11 suspects, including Moroccans and Algerians, arrested.



MAURITANIA FIVE AL-QAEDA TERRORISTS, extradited from Mali, sentenced to most severe prison terms imposed in the country since 9-11. Convicts charged with recruiting and financing terrorist actions. DEPOSED LEADER Abdellahi still under house arrest after being overthrown in military coup in August.


ZIMBABWE TYRANT MILITARY COMMANDER who ordered brutal crackdown shot during an assassination attempt.  DECREPIT, GREEDY MONSTER MUGABE, who stole the last election, doesn’t even pay his troops in the

cholera- and inflation-ravaged country.


SOMALIA FOUR JOURNALISTS KIDNAPPED in Bosasso by al-Shabaab terror cell. PIRATES CLAIM MILLIONS for ransom of Ukrainian ship with 20 crewmembers shipping Soviet-era tanks, grenades, and other weapons. PIRACY PAYS BIG—UN reports that pirates scored 80 million British pounds sterling in 2008.


TUNISIA “THE SABRE,” top bin Laden operative, charged with planning attack on US embassy in Rome, sentenced to 11 years in the slammer after being extradited from Italy.


MALI COUNTER-TERRORISM SUPPORT OPERATIONS launched targeting al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), with Algerian air forces providing food and munitions to Malian forces.


AFGHANISTAN 30,000 AMERICAN TROOPS to be deployed to in Afghan “surge,” but only a token 300 U.K. troops expected. CHRISTMAS TURKEYS headed to troops blown up by Taliban.


THAILAND ANTI-GOVERNMENT VIOLENCE escalated when demonstrators with iron bars rammed through riot police barricades.


INDIA HOTELS, TRAIN STATION AND JEWISH CENTER blown up in Mumbai, 180 killed, 300 injured. 26 gunmen carried out well laid plans. INDIA ACCUSES RIVAL Pakistan for supporting perpetrators. SECURITY FORCES killed three masterminds two weeks later.


PAKISTAN TROOPS DEPLOYED TO INDIAN BORDER during crisis of Mumbai attacks in India when India accused Pakistan of supporting the terrorists. FBI cleared Pakistan ISI security forces. CIA MISSILE ATTACKS kill plane-hijacking mastermind and five co-conspirators who planned to smuggle explosives in pop bottles to London.


SRI LANKA. LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM training camps leveled by the Air Force. Several rebel bodies were found.