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UKRAINE CONTROVERSIAL NATO MEMBERSHIP TALKS, objected to by majority of the population, are aggravating its testy neighbor Russia.


CAMEROON HOSTAGES RELEASED! Ten oil workers had been taken hostage by militants in region slated for handover to Cameroon from Nigeria.


BURMA CRACKDOWN CONTINUES as 14 pro-democracy activists are sent to jail for 65 years. BLOGGER GETS 20 years in prison.


ZIMBABWE POWER STRUGGLE CONTINUES between dictator Robert Mugabe and MDC as negotiations remain deadlocked. STARVATION? World Food Bank runs short of cash for food aid.


PAKISTAN MARRIOTT BOMBING PROBE nets four suspects accused of murdering 60 victims. PESHAWAR OUT OF CONTROL as repeated suicide bombings leave dozens dead. END AIR STRIKES, President Zardawi urges General Petraeus! PREDATOR STRIKE kills 13 terrorists, including seven foreign fighters.


SRI LANKA OFFENSIVE AGAINST TAMIL TIGERS calls for the military to be heavily equipped in an effort to end 36-year civil war.


SYRIA DEADY US AIR RAID ON BORDER kills civilian family of five and three others in an attempt to target one suspect. Hapless, trigger-happy US administration wonders why more desperate terrorists are created. The IAEA puts Syria on its agenda.


BANGLADESH OIL EXPLORATION STANDOFF! Bangladeshi and Burmese ships face off as the latter country attempts oil exploration in disputed waters.


INDIA ASSAM BLASTS KILL 77 people, wound 300, triggering a massive manhunt. Several suspects connected with the Indian Mujahidden arrested.


NORTH KOREA HOW IS KIM? Rumors that dictator is crippled persist in spite of the regime circulating photo-shopped photos showing a healthy Kim. An unconvinced China sends the military to the northern border with China in the event that North Korean refugees flood China if Kim bites the dust.


CHINA TIBET TALKS FAIL! Dalai Lama orders the Tibetan people to decide the next step in the wake of diplomacy failure.


LAOS HMONG PROTEST repatriation of leaders to Laos by Thailand. Human Rights Watch calls on Laos to release information on their status.


BOSNIA KARADZIC TRIAL DELAYED as accused war criminal and former Bosnian Serb leader refused to respond to new indictment.


VENEZUELA SPY CONVICTED IN MIAMI for acting as an unregistered agent of Venezuela. He tried to conceal an effort to deliver $800,000 to Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez.


COLOMBIA ARMY HEAD RESIGNS, others canned as scandal over alleged civilian killings generates heat from UN and human rights groups.


BOLIVIA MORALES BOOTS DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY! Bolivia’s Chavez wanna-be accuses anti-drug agency of promoting drug trafficking – so he can scarf up on profits from coca production.


ANGOLA TROOPS DEPLOYED TO CONGO as 250,000 refuges from Congo war flood the country.


CONGO RAPE AND PILLAGE! UN report claims Congolese troops looted villages, carried out rapes, during campaign against rebels. PEACEKEEPERS TARGETED? Rebels threaten to attack peacekeepers if they intervene on the side of the government.


RWANDA DIPLOMATIC CRISIS WITH GERMANY after Germany arrests Rwandan chief of protocol pursuant to a French international warrant related to missile attack on plane of former Rwandan President Habyarimana that killed nine. The assassination triggered the 1994 genocide that killed an estimated 300,000. German ambassador booted. Chief of protocol agreed on extradition to France, which declared legal standing for its participation in an UN-authorized operation to provide food and medicine to genocide victims.


RUSSIA ISKANDERS TO KALININGRAD! Putin announces deployment of short-range missiles to enclave. Target: American missile defense base. DUMA RATIFIES TREATIES with breakaway Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, giving Russia a pretext to keep 7600 troops on Georgian soil. 20 SAILORS KILLED, 20 injured in worst nuclear submarine accident since 118 died on the Kursk in 2000. PUTIN DICTATORSHIP in the works as strongman schemes for two more 6-year terms as president.


AUSTRALIA FIVE JIHAD EXTREMISTS accused of plot to bomb or use firearms to defend their “religion.”

GEORGIA DARLING VICTIM OF THE WEST brutally murdered hundreds of civilians and devastated homes in breakaway Ossetia province before war with Russia, Human RightsWatch reported. TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT—Russia’s brutal retaliation not justified, group said. OPPOSITION RALLIES demand early parliamentary and presidential elections. Is pro-American President Saakashvili in trouble?

SOMALIA BRITISH COMMANDOS VINDICATED!! Royal Marines with NATO take out armed pirates attempting to overwhelm a Danish ship, killing two and detaining the rest. The incident overshadowed the fiasco when Iran held 15 British sailors hostage for days.