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Gun storage problems? Ask yourself these questions: Is your gun safe crowded? Do you want to put more guns in the available space, without purchasing a second (or third) safe to store them in? Kevin Kinsella, The Safe Guy, has flexible solutions that you can tailor to fit your specific needs. They are called Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers.


I was going to write this story from memory of our first meeting and the materials that Kinsella sent to Soldier of Fortune magazine for product testing. Instead, I was fortunate to run into him and his lovely daughter, Katie, setting up display tables near an array of gun safes at a Denver area Tanner Gun Show, LLC, and near the political tables of The Firearms Coalition of Colorado. It made my job a whole lot easier, since he had brought even more materials for me to work with in his display.


The Rifle Rod is a sturdy 16” plastic rod with a 1-inch diameter hook-and-loop fastener attached to one end, that is inserted in the muzzle end of any long gun over .22” diameter. When the rifle is stood, muzzle up, in the safe, the rod is raised until the “hook” device attaches to the “loop” pad on a piece of cloth that is attached to the underside of the shelf above your long guns, or on the inside roof of the safe. The rods make the guns stand up vertically. When long guns stand up straight, they take up less room.


These rifle/shotgun rods are very easy and efficient to use. They make guns easy to get in and out of your safe, even from the back of the stack. As you can see from the accompanying photos, Kinsella’s claim that they will increase the capacity of your safe by up to 50 percent is no exaggeration.


Kevin’s Handgun Hangers are an even more unique solution. One size fits all handguns, .22 caliber and larger. Each hanger is a bent steel rod, coated in plastic, with a soft plastic tip over the end of the portion of the rod that is inserted into the pistol/revolver barrel. Each rod is formed into a squared “S” shape, and made to fit over 1” boards, padded or bare, anywhere that you might have a little extra shelf space. One hanger will store one handgun in the horizontal position.


These handy hangers will clear your shelf space in your safe, where such space is at a premium. They have another use as well, outside of the safe: they can be placed discretely out of sight, clipped to shelves where you might want to store a readily accessible handgun. They should attach snugly to the edge of almost any normal 1-inch board shelf.


For a mere fraction of the money that you would pay for a new safe, with Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers you can now organize your existing safe and have your guns (including the ones in the rear) even more accessible to you.


Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers are made in the U.S.A. (patent pending). Gun Storage Solutions can be found at: StoreMoreGuns.com. Contact information for these products can be obtained from Kevin Kinsella, The Safe Guy, 18317 N. 2600 E. Rd., Cooksville, IL 61730. Telephone: 309-275-1220. Rifle Rods come in a pack of 18 with a roll of attaching cloth (a 19.5”x 30” sheet), $75.00 per pack. The hook-and-loop fastener pads are already attached. Coated-steel Handgun Hangers come two to a pack at $10.00 per pack.