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Before we get started, let’s first dispense with this stupid name “Mumbai.” The place is Bombay, and that’s what we’ll call it. The city was created and named by the British East India Company in 1668, after the Hindi name for the area, Bambai. It was just typical political correctness to rename it in a local dialect (Marathi).


As Bombay was created, so was all of India as a unified nation, as the Brits stitched together hundreds of small kingdoms and petty statelets ruled by Hindu rajahs and Moslem sultans. It was not stitched well.


Thus the question to ask in the wake of the Bombay terrorism just committed by Moslem proto-hominids is this: will it precipitate India’s unraveling? One place to look for the answer is a place far away from Bombay called the Siliguri Gap.



Here is a government map of India composed of 28 states and seven union territories. [It is a lie regarding “Jammu and Kashmir”: the areas marked Chinese and Pakistan really are part of China and Pakistan, over which India has no sovereignty nor control whatever.]


I want to draw your attention to the other side of the map from Bombay, to Nepal and Bangladesh, and notice that they almost come together. A thin sliver of the Indian state of West Bengal barely separates the southeast corner of Nepal from the northwest corner of Bangladesh. At its narrowest, that sliver is 15 miles wide, and is named the Siliguri Gap for the town at its northern end.


This chokepoint is all that politically connects India to a collection of seven provinces, six of which have little ethnic, cultural, or religious connection to “Mother India” (the exception is Tripura due to the exodus of Hindu Bengalis from Moslem Bangladesh).


Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh are predominantly aboriginal/tribal and Christian, while Manipur is half hill tribe/Christian and lowland tribe/pre-Hindu Sanamahi religion.



In three—Mizoram, Nagaland, and Assam—strong and armed independence movements are fighting to secede from India. The latest  event was yesterday (12/2), when United Liberation Front of Assam guerrillas blew up a passenger train in eastern Assam, killing four and injuring 30.


India’s hold on the entire area of the “Seven Sisters” is increasingly tenuous. Guerrillas and political leaders from all seven are in the process of forming a unified effort to achieve mutual independence.



Now let’s look at the other side of the Siliguri Gap, in the heart of India, to a gigantic swath of territory cutting through West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh known as “the Red Corridor.” That’s red as in communist, as in brutal, murderous, Maoist- communist terrorists. They’re called Naxalites.


Formed back in 1967 in the West Bengal village of Naxalbari (thus the name), they are popular among the poor tribal peoples who live in the vast forests and jungles of central India. There are now over 20,000 Naxalite guerrillas, their numbers and strength are growing, and the Indian government is losing more and more territory to them by the day.



India is fragile and falling apart. The Moslem terrorists in Bombay are very well aware of this; their actions were designed to increase India’s fragility and, ideally, break it apart. Their goal is entirely reachable.


Of India’s 1.2 billion people, over 13 percent, or some 160 million, are Moslem. They are outnumbered by India’s 960 million Hindus, but 160 million is still a lot of Moslems, especially if you add 150 million more Moslems in Bangladesh, and another 170 million Moslems in Pakistan: 480 million Moslems inside and on either side of India.


Even if you outnumber them two-to-one, picking a fight with 480 million folks is not a good idea, no matter how outrageous are the atrocities some of them commit trying to get you to fight them all. Especially when already you’re losing control of over one-third of your country to secessionist guerrillas.



What we see on the horizon here is something truly horrific on a historic scale—the possibility of India’s national suicide. Other countries are doing it. Thailand certainly is; Russia has been busily engaged in it for some time now. We sure took a step in this direction on November 4.


But one and one-half billion people tearing themselves apart makes for an Armageddon, a nuclear one at that. It’s an apocalyptic future that Moslem crazies want, and the danger is that Hindu crazies may help give them what they want.


Hinduism is an ancient religion based on racism—the demented racism of caste—and the prosperity created by capitalism is destroying that basis. As lower caste Hindus prosper and can afford to ignore caste prohibitions, those of the castes above them are being driven nuts, criminally nuts, by their loss of status and the frustration of no longer being able to treat other Hindus as their racial inferiors.


Put all of these cultural, religious, social, and political pressures together (and there are others to be sure), and it’s easy to see how India can blow a gasket, literally blow apart at the seams.



Can India avoid this? Is there a solution? Perhaps. But one thing we know: India is on its own. We can be sure that Zero and the PIAPS will be of little or no help. America is not coming to India’s rescue. The ridiculousness and dangerousness of November 4 is going to become ever more apparent with each advancing month of 2009.