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Back in 2004, the Army cancelled the ultra-high-tech Comanche stealth helicopter in favor of a new Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter. The big reason? Cost. Fast forward four and a half years, and now the Army is cancelling its Comanche replacement, the ARH-70 Arapaho, due to cost overruns.


In other words, they dumped the Comanche for what was supposed to be an easy and cheap alternative – which has now been cancelled because after a 70 percent cost overrun, the manufacturer couldn’t get it right! Considering that the Comanche could have been well on the way to being fielded by our troops by now had it not been cancelled, this is outrageous.



Steve Schreiner, the President of the Firearms Coalition of Colorado, was recently elected to fill an unexpired term on NRA’s Board of Directors. However, he still has to run in the next election in order to win a full term. In the upcoming Board of Directors election, be sure to vote for Steve Schreiner.



In the 24 hours since Barack Obama won the 2008 election:


* Hamas has fired almost three dozen rockets from Gaza into Israel.


* Russia has announced plans to forward-deploy Iskander missiles targeted against America’s missile defense bases in Eastern Europe.


* Iran started talking tough about American helicopters flying near their border.



We note that two dozen refurbished Whiskey-class submarines are being offered for sale as pleasure craft. Cost: $497,000. It’s not bad for a 1950s design. Here’s the bad news: All the cool stuff’s been taken off. If you’re thinking about a new pleasure craft that may be a little out of the ordinary, go to http://www.projectboats.com/whiskeysub.html. One has to wonder…how much would one with all the cool stuff cost?



Barack Obama and Joe Biden have, it seems, decided to make their push for more gun control part of their agenda, as SOF and the NRA, among others, have warned. Is it any wonder that since he was elected, guns and ammo are now flying off the shelves? Of course, within days of the heat coming down, parts of his agenda were being scrubbed from his website.



It seems that when it comes to secret efforts in the War on Terror, the New York Times cannot help itself. Reports were that the NYT may have been responsible in the past for leaking the NSA’s surveillance efforts intended to help prevent the next 9/11. Has it now blown a new secret? It seems that the Administration had given Special Operations Command (SOCOM) the go-ahead to get al-Qaeda in a number of countries, including Syria, Somalia, and Pakistan.


Now… well, let’s just say that the incoming Obama Administration probably wasn’t likely to allow such raids, anyhow. We can hope that this will shame some of these countries into dealing with the terrorists.



The Germans have historically been known to have some very competent special operations forces. One of these forces, GSG-9, pulled off a spectacular hostage rescue in Mogadishu in 1979. So we know the commandos can fight. Yet, according to The Scotsman, it seems that a three-year deployment to Afghanistan by the Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK), a special operations force with the German Navy, was marked by utter inactivity. Apparently, 100 trained commandos were idle for the whole time!


A spokesman with the German Ministry of Defense disputed the report from The Scotsman, claiming that

“German Special Forces” participated in missions, but said he was unable to provide details.


How utterly disgusting!!! The wusses in the German government should have at least let the operators volunteer for ops, which they most certainly would have been thrilled to do. And, the question is, what the hell did they do for three years? – RKB



The decline of the British military has been shocking. The Royal Navy’s decline in recent years (to include selling off relatively new ships) was one of the most visible signs of this decline. However, the decline has hit other areas, and an officer with 23 SAS Regiment has resigned over inadequate equipment in the wake of the loss of four British Army personnel in Afghanistan, where their un-hardened tactical vehicle was destroyed by a land mine.



It seems that the British have not been the only ones dealing with a lack of preparedness while in Afghanistan. Worse, the French may have tried to cover it up by denying shortfalls existed! Internet journalist Michael Yon posted photos that back up reports in the press about a secret report that claims the French, who lost ten personnel (nine paratroopers and a member of the French Foreign Legion) in an August ambush, were also unprepared and under-equipped.



In another follow-up, this time on a somewhat better note, a report has been released on the Wanat firefight on 13 July, 2008, in which nine members of C Company, 2nd Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, were killed in action.


The report appears to confirm earlier reports that cast doubt on mainstream media outlets’ claims American paratroopers were defeated. To the contrary, the enemy forces never overran the observation post (where eight of the paratroopers were killed), nor did they overrun the patrol base. The bad news: Some local authorities were apparently complicit in the attack, possibly because of Taliban coercion.



The latest Zumwalt-class destroyer will be named USS Michael Monsoor, a Medal of Honor recipient from Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is a well-deserved honor for this American hero, who covered a grenade during fighting in Ramadi, and who appeared on the cover of SOF. When will we see the Navy announce the USS Brad Kasal, USS Marcus Luttrell, and USS Joshua Chiarini?



The Navy commissioned USS Freedom, the first of its Littoral Combat Ships, in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, on 8 November. This new ship is fast, can operate in shallower water than current navy vessels, and can be equipped with all sorts of gear for a variety of missions; it will have two crews (“Blue” and “Gold”).