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Please vote for the Most Influential Person in the Gun Industry

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_ (http://www.outdoorlife.com/article_gallery/The-OL-25-1000023178/15) 
The  Above is a link to Outdoor Life's Website where there is a vote going 
for the  most Influential Person In the Gun Industry this year.  For those who  
don't know I work for DPMS Panther Arms the number 2 AR manufacturer in  
America, and our President Randy  Luth is up for this vote.  It is very important 
to us that someone from  the black rifle side of the industry wins, especially 
in the light of the  election our new presidents view on these guns.  It has 
taken years for  people to become comfortable with these weapons that are only 
different from  bolt action guns because they are semi automatic.  

I would really  appreciate it if you would take the time to place your vote 
for Randy  Luth.  On the link above click the link that says,  "_Ready  to 
vote? Click here and vote for OL 25's Person of the Year_ 
(http://www.outdoorlife.com/article_gallery/The-OL-25-1000023178/15) "  then select 
Randy Luth.