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18D Med Lab Training - HOT ISSUE

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We received this message about a threat that so-called "animal-rights" types may be posing to the training of medics, PJs, and other SOF medics. Please pass the word to all those you know, and urge your member of Congress to stand up for our SOF troops getting the training they need.

The Special Forces & SOF community 18D Medical Lab Training Course is in jeopardy and needs immediate feedback. Gentlemen, we are going to need an enormous amount of documentaries, professional statements and accounts of why Med Lab Training with animals on live tissue saves lives.

The lab is now in danger of losing live animals for med training; for the 18Ds, PAs, PJs, and Docs out there you know what this means to the warrior on the ground who has only you standing between life & death. I do not want to hear another member of Congress stand up and say this could have been avoided if we had only…

PETA and such groups have always caused trouble with animal use, along with them are politicians believing this type of training can be accomplished with mannequins. Our CSMs, General Officers and supportive politicians all know this is not realistic training nor the best way for our warriors to save lives.

The COL in charge of all SOF LTT (Live Tissue Training) has spoken with our guys to see if we can get pertinent stories from family members, friends and vital documentaries of how LTT saves lives and the substantial effect mannequins may have to use in their efforts before Congress.