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An Anti-Gunner’s Ghoulishness is Revealed
By Harold Hutchison

During an MSNBC interview, an advocate for taking away your second Amendment rights described the innocent children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School as “little martyrs” for gun control.

Patricia Maisch, who helped disarm the person who carried out a mass shooting in which former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head, said, “I don’t think we’ve moved forward nationally. We’re doing our best to move forward. 20 little martyrs in Newtown have had an effect that Christina Taylor Green’s dying on a sidewalk didn’t have, and that Veronica Moser Sullivan dying in a theater didn’t have.”

The anti-gun movement’s bankruptcy in the area of facts and logic – not to mention its lack of common decency – has never been clearer than in this interview. It also is instructive to note how they will make their argument for gun bans for the foreseeable future.

They will use the dead children to keep the debate away from the facts that do not support their agenda. For instance, FBI crime data indicate that hammers and clubs are used for murder far more often than rifles of all types (never mind the AR-15s that anti-gunners go into conniptions over). But try to point that out in the face of an event like Newtown or Aurora.

The anti-gunners are aided by a compliant mainstream media. In one sense, the mass shootings stopped early on are not as much news as the one that happen. But at the same time, when those instances where mass shootings are halted, the media will try to minimize that – as Mika Brzezinski did in the wake of the New Life Church incident in 2007. Brzezinski dismissed the actions of the armed citizen in saving dozens of lives and keeping the death toll down to two people killed in the parking lot of that church, and two others killed at a different location.

The media happily gives air time to the families of the victims, and magnifies their calls. Want to present the facts? You don’t get that chance. Look at how Larry Pratt was treated by Piers Morgan on CNN. Morgan, practically brandishing the dead bodies at Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, shouted him down, calling him “unbelievably stupid” and “ a dangerous man espousing dangerous nonsense.”

This argument can be countered. The most important part of this is to recognize these attacks from the beginning. When the attacks come – and they will, especially when innocent kids are involved – the real key is to remain calm, and discuss the facts. If we don’t know, we say so. If this is in the immediate aftermath, urge that the families be give time to mourn and bury their kids. Show compassion, mention that your prayers are with the families of the victims.

The next step is to approach the issue and deal with the facts that are available. Calmly approach them, and outline measures that will work. This could include dealing with failures in the mental health system. It could have been failures to enforce gun laws in the past – which was the case with Kip Kinkel in 1998 (he had been busted for bringing a stolen gun to school the day before the shooting he carried out – a violation of not just the Gun-Free School Zones Act, but also 18 USC 922(j), a federal law regarding possession of a stolen firearm). Whatever it is, lay out where the shooting could have been prevented.

Also point out where shootings were stopped by the action of armed citizens. Three days before Newtown, an armed citizen stopped a shooting in progress at the Clackamas Town Center near Portland, Oregon. Yet Nick Meli’s actions never got national coverage. Here, we can turn the tables to an extent. Asking, “Wouldn’t lives have been saved if Dawn Hochsprung and Mary Sherlach had guns of their own to confront the shooter?” becomes very reasonable.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) was one of the most ghoulish, saying within hours of the massacre, “I think we will be there if the president exploits it, and otherwise we’ll go on to the next [incident].” They are open about their intentions towards you, and their strategy.

What can be done to combat people like Nadler who ghoulishly exploit the deaths of innocent children for their political agenda? The first step is to join the NRA if you have not done so already. Then, go to nraila.org and subscribe to their legislative alerts at https://nraila.org/get-involved-locally/secure/stay-informed.aspx to be ready. Find out who your Congressman and Senators are – and contact them and urge them to oppose any new gun laws.

Is the NRA perfect? No, but now, more than ever, a united front is essential. In England and Australia, gun owners did not unite early on, and it cost them, as very strict gun bans got passed. Make sure you are a volunteer with the NRA-ILA – you can sign up at https://nraila.org/get-involved-locally/forms/secure/frontlines.aspx and decide your level of involvement.