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A “Fun” Story about a Hero

You have probably all heard about a great American hero and MOH recipient in the War on Terror, Sgt. Dakota Meyer. But here Lt. Col. Freddie Blish, USMC (Ret.) recounts an anecdote about Meyer.

“Sgt. Dakota was helping at a LaRue Tactical live fire demonstration in Castle Rock, KY, in August 2011. Participants were able to shoot at LaRue Tactical targets from 30 yards out to 1000 yards with LaRue Tactical 5.56 OBR, 5.56 PredatAR, 7.62 OBR, and 7.62 PredatAR rifles. Sgt. Dakota Meyer was calling wind and elevation for the people shooting at 1000 yards with 7.62 OBRs.

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