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Original Smith Corona 1903A3 from Navy Arms

The last stock of M1903 rifles made by Smith Corona. These rifles, carried by American doughboys in World War I, fire the .30-06 cartridge and hold five rounds in an internal magazine.

The Dreaded Hog – a good ‘Merican

By James E. Parker, Jr.

When I applied for paramilitary work with the CIA in the spring of 1970, one Studies and Operations Group (SOG) interviewer said the work would require someone with “hang.” Once hired on contract and in training, I was to learn that trans-lingual word “hang” was the province of one of the case officers up in the mountains of Laos. “Hog” was the case officer’s call-sign. He was one memorable individual—the role model for new hires in the CIA paramilitary business.

To put Hog’s story in context you have to start back with Bill Lair, the case officer in the Lao program that CIA trainers talked about most. He had gone to East Asia in the early 1950s about the time General MacArthur was fired from his job as Supreme Commander of UN forces in Korea. Sort of a changing of the guard. Lair’s job in Thailand was to organize and train a special group of Thai police, eventually called PARU, to act as the vanguard force against any communist threat to the Thai border.

With a base training camp on the coast below Bangkok, Lair would take PARU recruits out into the mountainous jungle west near Burma and personally train them in survival skills and small unit tactics. If the recruits didn’t match up to Lair’s high standards of toughness and adaptability, they were released from the program. By the late 1950s, Lair had developed a well-trained Thai force that could go anywhere along the border to engage the local population to fight advancing communists.

The Skjold Class Corvette

Designed and built by Umoe Mandal, the Skjold class corvette is engineered for littoral combat and surface operations in coastal waters. While light in displacement (274 tons) the Skjold class are armed like a frigate ship, present many stealth features and are capable of high transit speeds. While they should be classed as Patrol Boats, the Royal Norwegian Navy officially label them as coastal corvettes

Kongsberg NSM anti-ship missile test

American sniper trailer II

This Trooper's Son Had His Bike Stolen, Then......

BCM KMR15 (KeyMod™ Free Float Handguard)

Manufactured from an exclusive blended aluminum and magnesium alloy, it weighs 30-40% less than aluminum with the same strength properties. Also featuring a proprietary patent pending mounting, indexing and lock up system that mitigates 12:00 rail movement under heat generated from the barrel nut.

Handguard alone weighs 5.9oz!
1.3” Inner Diameter
1.5” OUTSIDE flat to flat.

Deadliest Weapons Ever--Metal Storm

MetalstormUSA.com 2014 update:

Five SciFi Weapons That Actually Exist

Obama Exchanges Castro’s Killer for American Hostage

By Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Communists are ecstatic. “The Cuban Five Are Free” is a statement from the U.S. support network for the Cuban spies imprisoned in the U.S. for various crimes, including participating in a murder conspiracy.

Obama essentially released the three remaining Cuban spies in exchange for American Alan Gross, who had been held hostage by the Cuban regime for over five years. Gross was a foreign aid worker imprisoned by the Castro regime for trying to help ordinary Cubans communicate with the outside world. President Obama confirmed the role of Pope Francis, a vocal critic of Western-style capitalism, in the deal.

A Hunter Her Dog and Rifle Win one in Nanny State New York

Rebekah Rorick was devastated when the school admin rejected her photo for her school yearbook. Rebekah , who attends Broadalbin-Perth High School in upstate New York, said she wanted to cry when the yearbook committee initially turned down the photo of her hunting.
A hunter from a family of hunters, she wanted her Yearbook photo to express who she was. The story at:


Obama Administration Opens Talks With Castro Regime

Alan Gross has been released by the Castro regime after being held for five years. The release, announced earlier today, involved a prisoner swap for at least three Cuban spies who were reportedly part of the “Wasp Network,” which was tied to the shootdown of two Cessna planes flown by the Brothers to the Rescue.


Bloomberg Stooge Does Billionaire’s Bidding

One can say this about Terry McAuliffe: He knows what side his bread is buttered on. The Bloomberg stooge currently occupying the governor’s mansion in Virginia has announced a push for a number of anti-gun laws.